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Google Music Allows Only Ten Devices Per Account and Four Deauthorizations Per Year

by On

Google Music has certainly made waves this morning when it became known that users could only deauthorize four phones/devices per year.  Previously, users could only hook up ten devices to a single Google Music account containing your music library, but you could freely disconnect a device from the account and sync another at will. Very recently, Google has decided only four devices can be disconnected from the Google Music account per year.  While the ten device connect and four device removal limit sounds like a lot, it can be a frustrating experience for those who commonly flash custom ROMs.  Sometimes after flashing a new ROM, Google Music will perceive your old phone as a new one simply because of a change in the software being ran.  Members of the rooting and flashing community may soon find themselves reaching the limit quicker than expected. At this time, Google has not yet offered a remedy in case you reach the threshold and desire to remove a device to add another.  Hopefully, they will come forth soon offering a fix because some users are clearly peeved about this mainly because Google implemented this change without any prior notice.