Google Music Launched, Syncs with Music Player Android App

Google is currently holding its annual I/O event and one of the highlights of the said event was the announcement of the much-talked about Google Music Service. Google Music was launched today in beta and is currently available by invitation for U.S. users only. At the same time, the Google Music Player Android app was updated in the Android Market. And while most of us won’t be having access to the Google Music cloud service just yet, the Android app is still ¬†useable as a music player on our Android devices. So, what is Google Music service? It’s basically a new service that lets you upload your personal music collection to the cloud for streaming to your computer and of course to your Android smartphones or tablets. This service lets you keep your music files in sync across your devices. It also lets you create a playlist of songs that go well together via Instant Mix or listen to your music even when you’re offline since most of your recently played music are stored on your Android devices. To use Google Music in beta, you need to get in line for an invitation here. Once granted with the access you can start uploading your music into the cloud service and then download the updated Google Music Android app to sync your music files from your Android phone to your computer. via The Official Google Blog

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