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Google Navigation Android App Now Route You Around Traffic

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Do you use Google Maps Navigation app on your Android phone? If you don’t well – do yourself a favor and check it out to find out how useful this default Android app is especially during rush hours. To make it even more useful, Google has just updated the said Android app to include automatic routing around traffic jams. The good news about the Navigation Android app is that you don’t have to do anything after getting the updated beta version. You just need to start Navigation app on your Android phone or from within Google Maps. Using Google Maps’ routing algorithms, Navigation Android app will apply current and historical traffic to choose the fastest route from identified alternate routes to get you to where you are going the fastest time possible. Previously, the app just gives you the fastest route without considering current traffic conditions. With better routes, you’ll be able to save time and fuel while at the same time making traffic better for everyone else since you will be avoiding traffic jams instead of becoming a part of it. Routing around traffic with Google Maps for Android is now available in North America and Europe. via Google Mobile Blog