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Google Nexus S Phone Confirmed via Best Buy Leak

by On

Mobile enthusiasts, specifically those who are keeping an eye on the rumored new Google Nexus phone, are all in frenzy right now. The culprit? A leaked promotional gig from the Best Buy site showing something about the Google Nexus S. Yes, that’s what the next Google phone, possibly a follow-up to the original Nexus One, is going to be called. And just like what was previously rumored, the new Google phone is actually an unknown Samsung Galaxy phone.  The rumors were heightened a bit when Engadget published a photo of the phone taken a month ago.  Based on the photo, we could clearly see some possible features of the Google Nexus S. Other information that was leaked out by the link on Best Buy is the fact that T-Mobile will be the exclusive distributor. So this means that unlike with the Nexus One, Google has finally decided to partner up with a mobile carrier to carry out the distribution task of its next phone. What’s more exciting is the fact that pre-order, announcement and possible release might be coming in time for the Holiday Season. If this doesn’t happen, we can assure you that this will all be unveiled in CES 2011. So, are we all excited about the Google Nexus S? How do you feel about Samsung making the Google Phone this time instead of HTC?