Google Nexus S Pricing Revealed, $529 Unlock and $199 on Contract

To continue our coverage of Google’s big announcement today about its follow up to the Google Nexus One – the Samsung-manufactured Nexus S Android 2.3 phone, we now found out about its pricing details – $529 for the unlocked Nexus S and $199 if on two-year contract with T-Mobile. As previously announced, Best Buy will get the exclusive distribution right of the Nexus S. And it will start selling the Android 2.3 phone on Dec. 16. A few hours after the announcement, Best Buy had put up the Nexus S product page. Unfortunately, there’s no information on pre-ordering yet. The page just gives you some snippets of information about the Nexus S and the T-Mobile log is now appearing side-by-side with the Google logo. Meanwhile, Carphone Warehouse has also announced availability of the Nexus S in the UK market and has also put up an official product page detailing the various data plans that would go with the purchase of the Nexus S. As expected getting the Nexus S unlocked is more expensive than the US market price £549.95.  But the good news is, if you’re in the UK you can now pre-order the Nexus S from Carphone Warehouse online. Once you place your order, your unit will be delivered end of December. Under contract, see details of Carphone Warehouse data offerings to go with the Nexus S. This is through Vodafone UK. via Business Wire

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