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Google Nexus S Running Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leaked

by On
For the first time ever, we have some screen shots of the upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS — you know, the OS that will unite tablets and smartphones as one.  The screenshot leak shows Android Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Google Nexus S.  According to reports, the Google Nexus Prime will be the first Android device to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but the Nexus S — as a pure Google device — will be upgraded shortly thereafter.
Interestingly enough, you’ll notice that under Android version, it says IceCreamSandwich, giving rise to the likelihood that Google has not yet decided whether ICS will be Android 4.0 or 3.5 or any other numerical combination.  Other changes in ICS as opposed to Gingerbread and Honeycomb include a revamped blue interface as opposed to green.  The camera comes with a new panorama mode.  In addition, the Gmail app will be refreshed to fit the introduction of ICS.  Most of the changes involve the UI, thus allowing older devices currently on the market to run the new OS when it launches sometime later this year.