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Google Play 25 Billion Downloads Sale – Day 5

by On

It’s Sunday which marks the end of the week and the end of Google’s 25 Billion Download .25 cent sale. As sad as the occasion is, Google is putting up 14 more solid Android games & apps to enjoy and including one game that’s a bit of surprise. There aren’t many apps today, but there are a few good ones with Nova Launcher Prime, Smart Tools, Kids Numbers and Math, Sketchbook Pro, and Haunted House HD. Today’s game offerings include Gravity Guy, Guns’ n’ Glory WW2 Premium, Air Control, Air Control HD, Spy Mouse, Scramble with Friends, Great Big War Game, and… Horn & The Dark Knight Rises! Great deal on those two and they should be an instant purchase for anyone that doesn’t already own the games. Overall I’d have to call the 25 cent sale a success; even if there were some repeats we still got some good deals on some great games & apps. If Android continues its rapid expansion we may be having a 50 Billion download sale sooner than later. If you want to pick up The Dark Knight Rises, Horn, Smart Tools or any of the other deals you can hit the link below and snag them or a quarter each.

Google Play 25 Billion Downloads Sale