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Google Play closes the gap with Apple App store

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During November last year the Google Play store was literally 4 times behind in the struggle for mobile app distribution dominance. Since then Google Play has closed the gap in download and revenue generation to almost nothing. The Apple app store continues to grow. The game changer, however,  is that Google Play grew incredibly fast and has now reached a point of being caught up with the completion. With both app stores refusing to yield or slow down we can expect to see larger numbers of downloads and possibly Google Play taking the lead. googleplayvsapple2 An analytics company named App Annie’s latest market index, had this to say, “While the iOS App Store and Google Play both had solid gains in app downloads last quarter, Google Play had a higher percentage growth rate as well as a greater gain in absolute downloads.” The report continues with, “From Q4 2012 to Q1 2013, iOS App Store quarterly revenue grew by roughly one ­quarter. Meanwhile, Google Play app revenue grew by roughly 90 percent.” There appears to be obvious international preferences between the 2 app stores based on the download statistics from the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. The United States and China are mainly responsible for the rapid growth of the Apple App store While Russia, Japan, and South Korea contributed to the rapid growth of Google Play. For both sides the most commonly downloaded app came in the form of games. Game downloads for Google Play consist of 40 percent of total downloads and 80 percent of revenue. These statistics show us that we love our games and Google Play is here to stay. Source- appannie