Google Play Games could change Android gaming drastically

Google Play Now

Google intends to launch a new game platform that intends to make games more accessible for android devices. This new platform is rumored to be called Google Play Games and will be a gaming platform similar to the Game Center for iOS. What Google plans to bring to the table with Google Play Games includes cloud game saves, multiplayer functionality, leaderboards, and achievements. Google Play Now1 Google Play Games has the potential to connect Android gamers as never before by allowing a more community like experience. Players will essentially be able to share their scores, check leaderboards, and show off achievements through the new platform. Another promising aspect of the new Google Play Games platform is developers will no longer need to focus on the features mentioned above and can expend their creativity elsewhere. The developers are excited about this because they have apparently been asking for it for some time now, and other 3rd party platforms have already attempted to answer the call.  The constantly increasing popularity of Android games makes this new development a perfect fit for the ever expanding Android gamer community. Google Play Games also stands to bring the multiplayer aspect of Android gaming to the next level by directly managing matchmaking and including a gamer chat feature. All of these new additions to the Android gamer arena seem to be bringing us closer to the successfully proven networks that Microsoft and Sony have implemented for their gaming consoles. This is all very exciting news and gives us a glimpse of where Android gaming is heading in the future. If this new Google Play Games structure is implemented along with the new Android based gaming consoles we may have a revolution in the making. Keep your fingers crossed. Source- venturebeat

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