Google Play Gift Cards are heading your way Soon!

Google has thrown some pretty big changes into play with Google Play over the past few years including the name change that some of us will never get used to. Gift Cards are one thing people have really wanted to see, but the Big G has yet to put those into play… until now that is. It looks like we will finally get Gift Cards for Google Play which is really going to open things up for a lot of people. Personally there have been about a dozen times I’ve wanted to buy someone a game to try or gift them an app and now it looks like I’ll finally be able to. It’s also handy as not everyone likes using their Credit Card online; I know at least a dozen people that will be tempted to delve more into the world of Android now that they don’t have to use a CC. We first heard about this yesterday thanks to the guys at AndroidPolice, and the picture you see on your left shows that apparently someone at AndroidCentral has snagged a few images of the cards. We don’t know when the cards will be issues, and only two denominations of $10 & $25 have showed up thus far. Now that the cat’s out of the bag I don’t think it will be long before we get an official confirmation from the Big G on these along with a release date and who will be carrying them. We’ll let you know when we do so do a happy dance and stay tuned for updates about these wonderful Gift Cards. Sources – AndroidPolice, AndroidCentral

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