Google Prepares for Future China Expansion

As per a Wall Street Journal report, Google is looking to provide tools to app developers, advertisers and manufacturers in China, as the company prepares for a potentially huge expansion in world’s biggest market. Even if Google’s search engine and email service are still blocked in communist China, Alphabet Inc. is now trying to enter world’s biggest market using the “back door” so to speak.

Here’s from the WSJ piece:

Mr. Li is one of many allies Google has courted in recent years as it tries to keep a foothold in China, a market from which the Alphabet Inc. GOOGL -0.95% unit retreated eight years ago in protest over government hacking and censorship.

While Google’s search engine remains blocked in China, the company is courting allies there by providing tools and support to a growing number of app developers, manufacturers and advertisers in the region.

Now those allies will likely be crucial as Google embarks on a broader China expansion strategy, according to a number of people either involved in the effort or watching it closely. As part of a project dubbed “Dragonfly,” Google is testing a mobile version of its search engine that would adhere to China’s strict censors, people familiar with the matter said.

Google’s existing relationships could also provide customers-in-waiting for additional services it sells, like cloud hosting and business apps.

This opens the door to the Chinese censorship of American search results in a quid pro quo for access to the Chinese market. This is nothing more than Human Rights violations by Google Executives in exchange for cash.

Astounding, appalling and sad. I guess Google has reached a high enough percentage of non-US shareholders that just don’t care. Of course the “software engineers” (a comical farce of a term) at Google don’t mind giving 51% of their intellectual property to the communist Chinese, but work with the United States Department of Defense, never!

It is obvious that Google is more interested in making money than fighting against China’s bid to reduce all competition and become number one in the world. It’s worth mentioning that Google opted out of a deal with the Defense Dept (AI research stuff) because they didn’t like their policies. So, Alphabet won’t let its Google arm work with DoD on AI projects, but it will let Google make much of its AI capability freely available to the PRC.


When Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, their motto (and a key component of their mission statement) was “Do No Evil”. Funny how that worm has turned. Google is as bad a Facebook when is comes to monetizing our private information and tracking our lives, whether we want them to or not. They are now taking it to the next level by partnering with the ChiComs, who want absolute control over their subjects. It’s only a matter of time before that intense level of surveillance comes to a city near you.


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