It seems that Google is rolling out a new version of the Android Market. I just noticed in my Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 that when I checked the settings of the Android Market app, there is now an option to enter a PIN code when purchasing apps from the Android Market. At first, this option is disabled and will only be highlighted when you enter a PIN code. Once you’ve entered a PIN code, the next time your puchase an app from the Android Market, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN code first. With this enabled, you can now rest easy that your kids wont’ be able to go out on an Android app shopping spree whenever they get hold of your Android phone. Or if your kids own an Android phone but relies to your account when purchasing Android apps, you can now control their purchasing ¬†habit by setting a PIN code to your phone. In this way, they won’t be able to purchase new Android apps unless you give them your PIN code. In addition to this PIN code, another new feature that was added to the updated Android Market app is the Google +1 button. You can see this if you view a particular app’s page. The Google +1 button appears just below the app’s stats. This sort of gives you a new way of rating and recommending an app. Tapping on this button will record your action on your Google account and will be visible to others who did the same for the particular app. Take note, not all apps already have the +1 button. I’ve seen a couple of apps which have it but majority of the Android apps still don’t have the button yet. via Android Market

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