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Google Releases its Own Google Reader Android App

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It might have taken Google this long to release an Android app for its Google Reader product but it is certainly worth the wait. Yes folks, if you’re using Google Reader you can now check RSS feeds and news feeds from site you follow using the new Google Reader Android app. Google Reader Android app is available of course as a free download from the Android Market. It’s a pretty simple app that performs quite well. Basically, what it does is to let you browse and read RSS feeds and news items from the different sites you’ve subscribed to using Google Reader from the web. Google Reader Android app’s interface is clean, simple and highly functional. It brings your Google Reader folders, starred items, and other feed categories you’ve created on Google Reader. The Android app allows you to display all the feed items sequentially for quick browsing. And when you want to read a particular news feed, the Android app shifts to a new window displaying the full content including images. From there you can use several options to share the news items. Other features of this very useful Android app include –

  • Multiple accounts
  • Synced preferences
  • Full subscription features (subscribe and search from your phone)
  • Search

You can also enable volume-key navigation via the settings to let you navigate through your feeds using your Android phone’s volume keys. You can also bring up a contextual menu that allows you to rename, unsubscribe or change folders by long-pressing on a folder or subscription.  And finally if you hit the menu key on an invididual item, the can send the news items via the different third-party apps installed on your Android phone.