Google releases Update for the Chrome Android App

One of the more popular and user friendly internet browsing apps, namely Chrome for Android, has just received an update. This update will be bringing the Chrome app up to version 18.1 on the Android platform and promises extra support for users of third party keyboard applications, a better control system for YouTube viewing, better location services integration with the app and of course, the obligatory bug fixes that tend to come with most app updates. This isn’t dubbed to be a huge update at this stage but, the minor tweaks that app developer Google have released to their Chrome Android app will allow Youtube video controls to be accessible when viewing videos in full screen mode whilst also allowing video play back to continue after the screen is locked and unlocked again. Other changes see location preferences within the Chrome app now being integrated with the Android system Google applications found on smartphones and as mentioned, third party keyboards will now be better supported within the Chrome browser, making their use smoother and hopefully more ‘bug free’. Version 18.1 removes the ‘report an issue’ option found on the user interface of the app and adds an ‘import bookmarks’ option within the settings page. There is also an improvement on the sandbox feature found in Chrome which handles malicious code and this along with several other security tweaks to the application is aimed at enhancing browsing safety for users of the Chrome for Android app. That about sums up the changes to the app with this update, those changes and the all important bug fixes of course which should keep the excellent Chrome app at the top of many an Android owners ‘must have browser’ list, as it deserves to be. The update to Chrome for Android is available on Google Play now.

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