Google Reveals Android Device Manager, a Tool For Tracking Lost Android Devices

android device manager

For a long time now, Android users were lacking an “official” tool for locating their lost smartphones, but have no fear, because Google just announced their ¬†Android Device Manager.

Unlike Apple or Microsoft, Google failed to provide its users with complementary software for tracking their lost phones, at least until now.

Google bragged that later this month, all Android users who are registered with a Google account will benefit from a dedicated software which allows the tracking of any lost Android running device, on a map, in real time. The software will enable the owner to take control over the smart phone, to make it ring or even to erase the internal memory or format the SD card.

android device manager

This tracking service will be part of the Android Device Manager website, which actually is an upgraded version of a similar tool that is already available for premium/business users.

This remote assistance tool will only work on Android 2.2 and above, which makes it almost universal, since 98,7% of all Android running devices are using Android 2.2+ versions.

Obviously, Google will launch an Android app for the Android Device Manager, which will facilitate the process of tracking and taking over your lost phone .Anyway, the Android Device Manager will work even if you don’t use the dedicated app.

Android users were expecting this service from Google for quite a while now, especially since Microsoft and Apple offered their clients this feature on their mobile operating systems for years.

There were companies like Sony or HTC who took the matter into their own hands and created their own tracking software, like My Xperia program, which was announced in January of 2013. For the time being, we don’t have an official release date for the Android Device Manager from Google, but it’s expected to be later this August.


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