Google Reveals Project Loon, Internet from Balloon

Project Loon Yeah, you got that right, Google goes high tech with the Project Loon, providing internet for the people with a little help from a balloon. It sounds like a bad joke, I know, but the idea is not so looney after all. Since the Hindenburg disaster, balloons don’t have such a good press, but now, Google X Labs reinvented the wheel sort of speak, as they announced their intention to provide internet to everyone in the world using state of the art wireless internet tech from the 21’st century and a flight concept from 2000 BC, or when the balloons were invented. Basically, Google will have some huge balloons floating around at 60 000 feet in the air in various regions of the planet providing internet to everyone. The balloons are made of polyethylene and they use solar power in order to keep their equipment running, which means that they will be completely autonomous. They are almost 50 feet wide and they weigh 22 pounds each. They will provide internet at 3G speeds or even faster, which sounds pretty cool indeed, especially if it’s gonna be free of charge. Which I seriously doubt. We all know that balloons go where the wind goes, so Project Loon found a way to keep them where they are needed using, let me quote Google’s specialists : “complex algorithms and lots of computing power”in order to make sure that “when one balloon leaves another enters,” Cool story, bro! So, when you will see a balloon over your house, you should know, it’s not NSA or CIA, it’s just Google. Oh wait… Project Loon Moving along with the story, the  Project Loon is like an internet grid in the sky, the balloons are communicating with antennas on the ground and with each other in the same time. They are basically huge wireless routers floating around in the air and looking like target practice for Al Quaeda or something. The Project Loon (looney for friends) is currently undergoing in New Zealand’s Christchurch, where 50 testers are having fun with balloons as we speak. The final master plan is that Google will encircle the entire world with their cool balloons, bringing internet to the 5 billion people who currently are still in the dark ages. Source : Google

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