Google Revives Nexus One Selling Site into an Android Phone Gallery

Since Google has stopped selling the Nexus One a couple of months ago, it has decided to make use of the cool subdomain – for other purposes. The site has just went live again and now contains a gallery of  several Android phones available in the market so far.  According to Google, they want to make it easier for users to find and select what Android phones they are going to buy.  The site serves as an integration of all the places where you can purchase those Android phones, be it under Verizon, T-Mobile and other carriers. The Google Phone Gallery is a pretty simple site containing several useful information as well as navigation tools. You can select specific countries and the site will filter the Android phones based on the country you’ve selected.  You can also select specific carriers or phone manufacturers to find out what Android phones they have. The site also lets you compare up to three  Android phones, useful if you can’t decide which one to get. And of course, each of the Android phones listed have links to the carrier’s site which carry them. What is important to note here is that all the Android phones in the gallery have all the Google apps installed as default apps. These include – Android Market, Google Search and other Google mobile services such as Gmail, Maps and YouTube. If you find it difficult  to decide which Android phones to get especially since the Android Market is so fragmented, here’s Google’s little way of trying to put some integration into this. Check out the Google Phone Gallery now and find out which Android phone suits you best.

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