Google Secret Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China Revealed

Alphabet inc. services are banned from communist China since 2010, yet now we just learned about Google secret plan, as they’re looking to re-enter world’s largest consumer market. According to a report from The Intercept, Google is intending to launch a “totalitarian search engine” in China, i.e. a censored Google search engine of sorts, that would blacklist wrong-think and keep the plebes in line on the interwebz. Basically, the “Made in China Google Search Engine” would comply with Chinese communist government censorship, as it’s designed to blacklist certain search terms and websites.

The Intercept obtained and leaked a number of documents on Wednesday, which reveal Google’s CEO meeting a Chinese apparatchik back in December 2017. The scope of the meeting was to establish the “Terms and Conditions” of Google’s surrender re-entering China’s cyber-market. The censored Google search extravaganza was dubbed Project Dragonfly, and the company is reportedly working on two Android apps included in this program: Longfei and Maotai. One of them is going to be released this year, after the chicoms approve of it, obviously.

“Documents seen by The Intercept, marked ‘Google confidential,’ say that Google’s Chinese search app will automatically identify and filter websites blocked by the Great Firewall,” Intercept’s journalist Ryan Gallagher said.”

Basically, Google is trying to appease to the Chinese government by creating a search-engine Android app that will automatically ban sensitive search terms, like “democracy”, “Tienanmen massacre” and so on and so forth. Provided the deal works out, Project Dragonfly would make for an immense potential stream revenue for Google, human rights be damned. It’s sad and disgraceful for Google et al (Microsoft, Apple etc) to continue to promote the culture of a country which regularly violates human rights, pollutes the environment, and has the worlds worst record on intellectual property theft. Worst decision by Google ever.  By the way, Google is already acting like this in Western markets, removing and adapting your search terms in order to shape the results it serves.

It’s worth mentioning that China is like a whole different world. They have replacements for everything that the rest of us use outside of China. I don’t see them changing at this point. What motivation would they have to use Google Search? A search engine which is restricted by default, so really not any better than what they are already using. Keep in mind that Google, a US company, won’t help the US military defend its own country, but will help the Chinese government repress its own people. Let that sink in.

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