Google set to release more Nexus Branded Android Phones and Tablets

In some interesting news today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google “may” work with up to 5 OEM manufacturers to produce the new Nexus line of smart phones and tablets. Most of you are probably familiar with how much and Android devices can vary from carrier to carrier and how much manufactures likes to tinker with things. It’s difficult to find a phone that will give you that “pure” android experience you’ve heard about…but probably have never experienced for yourself. That might be about to actually change if Google pulls this off, as you may have 5 different devices to choose from that can give you a true Android experience minus all the bloat-ware that bogs down most consumers devices. Up until now Google has chosen on company at a time to make its devices, and recently they started selling phones themselves again via the Google Play store. It’s looking like consumers will soon be able to choose from multiple devices and buy them unlocked straight from Google sans the 2 year contract. Convincing people to buy an expensive device without trying it first won’t be all that easy, but the new setup will offer several benefits to the consumer. For starters, you won’t have to worry about a carrier throwing their own apps on the device (which can slow things down), and you should get updates quicker as carriers also slow those to a crawl as well. The WSJ is reporting that the devices should be ready by thanksgiving of this year, and are expected to come full of Jellybean otherwise known as Android 5.0. Fragmentation has long been a problem for android users and although I feel like Google is heading down the right path with the new move; hopefully they’ll address a few other troubling issues soon as well like weeding out some of the “crap apps” from the market. Either way, it’s looking to be another interesting year for Android and it will be interesting to see where things go from here. Original Story – Wall Street Journal

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