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Google Temporarily Removes Music Cap On De-authorizations, Goes Back to the Drawing Board

by On

Earlier today, we reported about how Google instituted a new policy on its Music service which capped the amount of de-authorizations an individual could perform on his/her Google Music account.  The idea behind Google Music is that users can connect up to ten devices to one’s music library stored in the cloud.  Previously, you could remove as many accounts as you wanted and then sync another device up until the hard limit of ten.  However, Google temporarily instituted a policy change which allowed for just four account de-authorizations per year in an attempt to limit the amount of new devices tied to an account. The logic behind doing this was simply to comply to the requests of Google’s music partners who wanted to limit the abuse because users could technically share legally purchased music by sharing the Google account and then downloading that music.  Unfortunately, Google would count a newly flashed ROM on the same device as a second device leading to multiple counting and multiple de-authorizations. After numerous user complaints, Google announced it would remove the new policy change and try to come up with a better solution that would compromise the needs of the music partners and the users. It’s nice to see the speed in which Google responds to its customers and hopefully a more effective solution will be implemented in the near future.