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Google to Reveal High Resolution Nexus 7 Tablet at I/O Next Week

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nexus 7 An analyst from KGI securities with a pretty accurate  track record when it comes to predicting tech trends, announced that Google will present at I/O  next week  a new, updated Nexus 7 tablet featuring a high resolution screen of 1920×1200 pixels. The tablet will have a 7 inches wide display and a 5 megapixels camera and will be available for just $199, just like the current Nexus 7. Mingchi Kuo, because he’s the “whistle blower”, also told us that the updated Nexus 7 will be built by Asus and will sport the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and, let me quote, “a narrow bezel” screen with a 323 ppi pixel density, almost identical to the iPhone 5’s  Retina display. Nexus 7’s dimensions will be almost similar to those of the iPad mini if not smaller and if this proves to be accurate, the Android based Nexus 7 will be an iPad Mini killer, thanks to its hefty price tag and excellent display. You must keep in mind that the iPad Mini retails for $329… Kuo announced a wireless charging device for the updated Nexus 7, just like the one featuring currently in the Nexus 4. For wireless charging, Google uses the Qi-Based induction charging technology for the Nexus 7,  which is compatible with various charging  devices. nexus 7 The KGI analyst looked further the I/O conference , and speculated that Google works with Samsung on an Android based notebook, expected to be  launched  in the near future, in the next three to four months. We will wait to see that happening, as it looks a little bit much, taking into account that Google invested a lot of time and resources in its Chrome OS for desktops. And according to the latest rumors and reports, they are developing a Chrome OS for notebooks too, so it seems a little bit speculative that they are working in parallel at an Android based OS for notebooks, but Hell, why not? If all these weren’t enough for you, Kuo says that Google is  developing a Google TV gizmo, similar to the current Apple TV and also a smart watch, together with Google Glass, but the wearable gadgets are expected  to hit the markets in 2014.   Source: ibtimes