Google has just updated its Gmail Android app, specifically making it now more optimized for 7-inch Android tablets. We all know why Google did this, certainly to entice owners of its own Android tablet, the Nexus 7 to use their tablet more as a productivity tool. Feature-wise, there’s not much that the update brings into the tablet. The app’s changelog simply states that for Android 4.0 ICS and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean tablets, the update brings in improved support together with bug fixes and performance improvements. While for Android 2.2 tablets, the update features new label API for 3rd-party developers as well as performance improvements. If those are good enough reasons to upgrade your Gmail account, then go ahead and hit the “My Apps” tab on your Android devices on Google Play. Even if you feel like your current Gmail installation is performing well, it’s always a good practice to update them whenever possible even if the new features are not that drastic.  

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