Google Updates Maps for Android, Intros Hotpot

Google has just released an update of its Maps for Android app, now in version 4.7. With the update, a new recommendation engine has been introduced, dubbed Hotpot. Hotpot aims to help you discover new places based on recommendations of your friends. Likewise, your friends will discover great places as well, based on your own recommendations and ratings. There are several ways by which you can reap the benefits from Hotpot on your Android phone. First, it lets you rate places while on the go. You can write and publish ratings and reviews of places you’ve just visited using your Android phone. To make this easy to do, you can add a ratings widget on your phone’s homescreen. Tap on Menu->Add->Widgets->Rate places. Once the ratings widget is added on your homescreen, it automatically updates using your Android phone’s GPS so that you can rate various places. Aside from rating places, you can also get recommendations from your friends. To do this, you must add friends using Hotpot on your computer. Once connected, your friends will receive your ratings of your places as you receive their recommendations as well. Google Maps 4.7 for ¬†Android is available now from the Android market. via Google Mobile Blog

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