Google's Android CEO Sundar Pichai about I/O 2013 Focusing on Developers

google's android   The Google’s Android chieftain Sundar Pichai revealed today in an interview when asked about the I/O 2013 conference that we shouldn’t expect much in terms of new hardware/software releases for this year’s event. This time, Google will concentrate on making life easier for developers,  said Pichai, especially for Android and Chrome software platforms, in order to improve the quality of services. Even if Google’s Android chief doesn’t say much for “moar drama”, there is enough room for interpretation, when it comes to new releases, as they are not completely out of the question. Even if a Nexus 5 or Android 5.0 are not likely to surface this year, we may see an updated Nexus 4 and/or a new Nexus 7 tablet, together with Motorola’s Smart Watch and an update to JellyBean. Google's Android Pichai said that Google with continue its efforts started with Nexus and Chromebooks and everything hardware related will be focused on pushing the ecosystem forward. Google will continue to offer its products to all companies, without discrimination, relying on the “open platform” policy which worked so well until now. When asked about a possible merger between Chrome and Android OS, the answer was no,  for the time being. The two platforms will continue to develop separately, at least in the short term. Other things expected to be announced at I/O 2013 include a Gaming center for Android, very similar to iOS’s Game Center, an updated version of Google Maps and Gmail, a new unified messaging service platform which will include all Google’s IM services, a Google TV is to be revealed as a contender to Apple’s TV, and also Google Play music subscriptions, just like Spotify. News and developments about Google Glass are also expected this year, since the release of the Explorer edition.  A disappointing rumor is that Nexus Q is out of the question at I/O 2013, but let’s wait and see, maybe we’re in for a real treat.   Source: Wired

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