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Gowalla Android App Gets a Massive Overhaul

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Between FourSquare and Gowalla, two of the most popular location-based, social check-in apps which do you use more? I’ve got both on my iPhone 4 and my two Android phones but I noticed that I tend to use FourSquare more when checking in to new places. Why? Because, I find FourSquare’s interface more pleasing and user-friendly. So, the folks at Gowalla probably knows that it needs to update their app’s overall interface so Gowalla for Android has just received a much-needed interface overhaul. Actually, the update follows the massive updated given to Gowalla for iPhone. Don’t ask me why the iPhone app gets updated first as I don’t really want to start a debate here. Anyway, major feature of the new Gowalla interface is the presence now of action at the top of the main screen. This allows you to easily refresh the app or check-in, no matter on which screen you are. The app also now allows you to easily manage Facebook, Twitter, Fousquare and Tumblr links. In addition, shared photos are now shown in-line together with your news stream and this even include easy one-tap commenting feature. The app also lets you add spots to your Highlights and push notifications is also now activated. Overall, the update is a welcome development and puts Gowalla Android app at par with other location-based social networking services for both Android and iPhone. Gowalla for Android is available for free from the Android Market.