GPS Fix for Captivate Released While Froyo Update Remains Wanted

Samsung Captivate Samsung has finally released an update to fix the GPS issue of the Captivate, a Samsung Galaxy S family device which is also AT&T’s best android deal. Some users of the Captivate have been experiencing the issue with GPS ever since the phone was launched back in July this year. Let’s hope the update puts to rest the complains of no or little GPS connectivity. The update will also bring other goodies, like full version of QuickOffice, improvement in media scanning time and addressing Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support. The update will be rolled out Over-The-Air (OTA) rather than through wires, as it was expected earlier. Maybe because the update is without Froyo and so it’s not big in size which makes perfect sense for an OTA option. The slow response from the Samsung led many of us to believe that the GPS fix will eventually be rolled out together with Froyo. But now that the GPS fix is out, Captivate users will only have to wait before Samsung makes an official announcement for Froyo release. So, all Captivate phones will remain at Android 2.1, as of now. What remains to be seen as how early Samsung wakes up to update its Galaxy S sets world over, including Captivate with Android latest version 2.2, Froyo. As for the competition, Motorola and HTC have already updated their flagship devices to Android 2.2. So, Sammy does needs to make things right quickly by rolling out the much wanted update. Else, it’s reputation is sure to take a hit, since update is something that really matters now a days and plays a role in user’s buying decision. Via Android Community

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