Grab some Fun with graBLOX for Android


I’ve been on a big puzzle game kick lately and found a great new one last week called graBLOX from Blind Cat Studios. As the name implies, the game involves grabbing blocks and I for one never knew just how much fun grabbing blocks could be. Playing graBLOX is easy, but mastering the game is not. When a level starts you’ll see several smiling little blocks and when you touch one hands will shoot out from each side of the BLOX. The hands will grab any block next to it and then pull them back to it. If you get three or more blocks together they’ll vanish Tetris style and when you clear the board the level’s complete. The game gets extremely tricky when you start running into troublesome BLOX that behave differently than the rest; there are currently 7 BLOX in the game and not all BLOX are created equal. graBLOX has 70+ levels set across 3 different worlds, and the devs state that the app will be continuously updated with new levels and BLOX added weekly. There are no options or extras to speak of, but that’s alright with me as the game itself is a blast to play.


The team at Blind Cat Studios did a great job with graBLOX, it’s a lot of fun to play and surprisingly tricky. I’m anxious to see what they come out with next and look forward to new additions to graBLOX. If you like puzzle games you’ll definitely want to snatch this one up, and you’re going to have a hard time putting it down once you do. You can find Blind Cat Studios graBLOX in the Android market for free.

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