Grab the Magna Carta App to get Jay-Z’s Upcoming New Album for Free

magna.carta.appCelebrity endorsements are a powerful thing. HTC recently signed Robert Downey Jr. to promote their products, and we all heard about Samsung wooing Jay-Z. Well, the Jay-Z deal is the first to bear fruit as the Magna Carta App has just arrived on Google Play.magna.carta-1 In case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t dig rap, Samsung inked a deal to bring a million copies of Iceberg Slim’s latest album to fans via the Magna Carta app. The app is live, and the first million people that download it will land a free digital copy of Magna Carta Holy Grail for free when it’s released. You’re also going to get it on July 4th, three days ahead of the rest of the world. As for the app itself, it’s basically a big timer that’s counting down the days until the album is released although there is some additional content in the form of promotional videos and a lyrics page. The Magna Carta App is only available to download on select Samsung devices, and you’d better act fast as the free album is limited to the first million people that have downloaded the app. As you’d expect, the downloads have skyrocketed since the news hit the web, so you may want to hurry. You can pick up the Magna Carta App for free on Google Play.

Magna Carta App

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