Gridiron Thunder Set to Bring Arcade Style Football to the Ouya

gridiron-thunerIf you’re a mobile game I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of ‘quality’ football games out there. There are some decent ones, but nobody has managed to give us a true Madden or Tecmo Bowl experience on a mobile. Enter Gridiron Thunder, a Kickstarter project from MogoTXT that looks to bring a solid football experience to the Ouya and other mobile devices.gridiron

Gridiron Thunder is set to be more than your typical football fare. For starters, they have a NFL licensing rights to display scores, stats, and NFL news in real-time. While there’s been no mention of using player names in the game, being able to use stats and scores is certainly a step in the right direction. As for the game itself, they are incorporating elements of Fantasy Football into Gridiron Thunder which is a great way to go. Everyone heard the fantasy backlash over Madden last year, so it’s pretty safe to say people love their custom rosters and fantasy elements.gridiron.thunder-2

MogoTXT has already surpassed their goal of $75,000 and there are still 13 days to go in their campaign. They are also participating in OUYA’s ‘Free the Games” campaign which means Ouya will match them dollar for dollar up to 250k as long as Gridiron Thunder stays an Ouya exclusive for 6 months. That means regular Android & iOS users will have to wait a little while, but Ouya gamers will have a NFL Blitz type of football game on their big screens.gridiron.thunder-1

If you’re interested in funding Gridiron Thunder there are plenty of backer spots left with some cool swag up for grabs including Gridiron Thunder jerseys, tweets from NFL players, and having an entire team or stadium made to your specifications. Gridiron Thunder is set to be released on the Ouya on September 15th, and the developers have said that weekly updates will follow. You can find out more about Gridiron Thunder on their Kickstarter page or pick it up next month if you own an Ouya.

Gridiron Thunder Kickstarter

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