Grow and Show your own Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park Builder for Android

In our “Holy shit” news of the day, there’s an official Jurassic Park Android game… and it’s a building game. If you can’t tell Jurassic Park Builder for Android has made me a bit giddy as I normally try and leave the expletives for closing out my articles.jurassic park builder for android Jurassic Park Builder lets you build your own Dinosaur Park from the ground up on the mysterious Isla Nublar. You’ll start with DNA infused Amber and grow various dinosaurs on the land or in the sea. You’ll have to feed them the appropriate food if you want them to reach their full potential, and as everyone knows all Dino’s aren’t carnivorous. Growing Dinosaurs is just half the battle though as they’ll need somewhere to stay and you’re going to wanna’ bring folks in to see the wondrous creatures. This means you’ll need roads and amenities to keep them happy if you want them to see your Dinosaurs and spent their cash. There will be some nods to the movie as well; you’ll get some in-game assistance from Dr. Ian Malcom and John Hammond which is pretty cool to say the least… big Goldblum fan here. Jurassic Park Builder for Android looks to be the most awesome building game ever produced in the history of man. That being said, it’s not compatible with any of my devices so I haven’t actually played it yet which is why I used the phrase “looks to be”. I had no idea this game existed until today, but I am thankful to Ludia for putting it out on Android. There will be a full review as soon as this babies’ made compatible for my phone or tab; if you want to give it a go now you can snag it for free on Google Play.

Jurassic Park Builder for Android


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