If you haven’t played the hit game Guerrilla Bob yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Well, developers Angry Mob Games have released a limited “Lite” version of the game, so now you’ll get to find out just how awesome it is. Guerrilla Bob is an action packed shooter with lots of weapons, power-ups, and some great bosses. It has some of the best graphics of any Android game I’ve seen thus far, and it really is great fun. With the Lite version of the game you will be able to play an exclusive mission in both Single & (local) Multi-Player modes. If you like what you see (and you probably will), you will be able to unlock parts of the game through the new In-App purchase system.  The full game will cost you 2.99, but through the new system you can get Survival mode for .99, or the story mode for 1.99. This makes it cheaper if you just want to play a certain part of the game. If you still need more convincing, you can also check out our full review of the paid version. One things for sure, Guerrilla Bob is a game you should definitely check out!

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