Handygames releases Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes for Android

guns n glory heroes Handygames Guns ‘n’ Glory saga is one of the more popular Tower Defense series out there, and they’ve just added another game to that fun little world with Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes for Android. If you’re looking for Cowboys or WWII soldiers in Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes you’re out of luck as those guys are gone and have been replaced by Elves, Orcs, and Dark Knights. Oh yeah… it’s fantasy time in the land of Guns ‘n’ Glory and it’s just as much fun as it sounds. Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes puts you to work facing off against the evil Orcs and you’ll get to take them on in several different locations that range from forests to creepy swamps and snow mountain tops. There are 50 levels spread across 5 fun filled chapters, and you’ll even get 12 different combat abilities to use against those pesky mean Orcs. I’ve been playing Handygames titles since I got my Motorola Cliq ages ago, and am always excited to see something new from them… especially if it involves Tower Defense. Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes is a welcome addition to the series, and it’s a damn fun TD game that folks should definitely enjoy. If you’re ready to battle some Orcs you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes for free.

Guns ‘n’ Glory Heroes


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