HandyGames unleashes Candy Carnage for Android

Cartoon Carnage is a quirky new Tap & Smash game from Handy Games that has you taking down brutal butchers while protecting the lovely little princesses. It’s like Candyland on Crack, and it’s also a blast to play… Your goal in this bloody little game is to defend the princess from hordes of evil bloodthirsty butchers that have suddenly gone mad. There are two different modes of play in Candy Carnage with Candy… and Carnage! Carnage mode has you playing to the death with 32 nonstop waves, while Candy mode has you swiping the princesses to safety while trying to collect 96 stars. Both modes are fun, and if you like blood & gore you’ll see plenty either way you go. Candy Carnage also uses Openfeints scoring system so you can keep track of your scores and achievements online with your friends. Candy Carnage is a good quick-play game with plenty of blood & gore. Both modes are pretty straightforward with the gameplay as well, so anyone can pick up the game and get down to business quickly. The game is free, but it’s ad-supported and to be honest the ads are pretty annoying in Candy Carnage. They didn’t affect my gameplay, but having them always there on the screen at the top was pretty distracting at times. That being said, if you enjoy the game you can use the in-app system to have the ads removed for $1.34. If you’d like to play hero to a group of hapless princesses or just kill some time you can grab Candy Carnage in the Android market. Candy Carnage

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