Haunted House HD – Android Live Wallpaper Review


I don’t cover Live Wallpapers very often, but I thought I’d check a few out in the spirit of Halloween. After browsing the market for a bit, I ran across one called Haunted House HD from Dualboot Games and it quickly caught my attention. Actually the words “Haunted House” caught my attention, and when I fired up the wallpaper I was pleasantly surprised at what I found…


As you scroll side to side through your home screens the surroundings slowly unfold, just like most with most wallpapers. What makes this one different is the fact you can set it to view the outside or inside of the Haunted House, and they both have their own unique features. Speaking of features, Haunted House HD is packed full of them. You can personalize the message on the mailbox & door, change the pumpkins faces, set the camera to auto pan, and toggle on or off about 20 different decorations. Some of the stuff is only on the inside like the clock and painting, while others are strictly for the outside like the window lights, owl and fog.


Haunted House HD is one great looking live wallpaper, and it’s also the most customizable wallpaper I’ve seen. There are close to 30 different things you can customize which lets you really set the Haunted House up the way you want it. There are some interactive elements (and surprises) scattered around as well, but I’ll let you figure them out. Haunted House HD is the best looking Halloween themed live wallpaper out there, and it can be yours for $1.99 in the Android Market.

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