Polarbit has put out some pretty slick games in the past, and they’ve just added another to their lineup with Tank Riders. If you’re thinking that Tank Riders is just another Tank Game you thought wrong as this little Android game has a few tricks up its sleeve. Tank Riders puts you in charge of your own little tank and throws you into the fray on a variety of 3D maps. There is s nice little intro campaign that lets you get a feel for the game, and after that you can get into the full campaign mode. Tank Riders has a two-tiered single player campaign, but that’s not all as it also has online multiplayer. Yup, you heard that right, none of that local multiplayer crap here as Polarbit is giving you the opportunity to blast folks all over the world. Last but certainly not least, the game has downloadable maps, achievements, and leaderboards to let you find out who the best Tank commander is. While I only gave Tank Riders a brief run-through, I can tell you that the game looks great and the gameplay is fast & furious. I didn’t get a chance to checkout the online multiplayer yet, but definitely plan on doing that soon. The only minor flaw i found in the game in the short amount of time I’ve played it was with the firing mechanism. You can adjust the style between having a stick or tapping, but it seemed a bit off somehow or might just be me. Either way, Tank Riders looks to be a solid game and one I plan on checking out further. No free version is available at this time, but the full version of Tank Riders can be had for $1.99.

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