HBO GO now available for Android Tablets

Huzzah!! That was my first thought when I found out HBO GO was finally available for tablets. Over the past few years I’ve learned the hard way that just because something means it’s “available” doesn’t mean it works right as I’ve seen many apps get rushed into the market. So how did HBO do with GO for tablets? Putting out an app as awesome and game changing as HBO Go is a big deal, but making it to where you can’t watch it on a tablet was a d-bag move to say the least. If you’ve dealt with cable companies for as long as I have, it’s nothing new… they do this sort of thing a lot and I’m pretty sure they giggle about it while they roll around Scrooge McDuck style in piles of money. Well I’m happy to say HBO has remedied the situation with HBO Go, and man is it awesome. Gone are the days of having to watch Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire or Curb on your 4.6” phone screen. The GO app works great on tablets and I’ve been playing around with it all morning with no hiccups, lag or any other issues.


HBO GO for Tablets is a winner on every front; it looks great, has a very clean and easy to use layout, and it’s got damn near every series you can think of along with a ton of movies. They even have parental controls so you don’t have to worry about the kids watching “Late Night” HBO action. You may not have been able to use this on your tablet before, but you can now and I highly recommend you go grab it if you haven’t already. You can pick up the HBO GO app on Google Play for free, you just have to be a subscriber to use it.


Site referenced – PC Mag

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