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Hellotxt Social Dashboard Arrives on the Android

by On

How many social networking accounts do you maintain? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Posterous, Tumblr and others? Even if you maintain only two or three of these social accounts, updating your statuses, responding to contacts, adding new friends and all those social networking activities can become a tediuos task especially if you update them one by one. That’s where the new Android app, Hellotxt comes in handy. Available now from the Android Market, Hellotxt Android app gives your Android phone a social dashboard. This dashboard is very useful for managing all your social accounts into one interface on your Android phone. Think of  Hellotxt as TweetDeck for Android, only with more social networking coverage and a better and more robust interface. I’ve been toying around with the beta version of  Hellotxt on my Google Nexus One, and all I can say is that this Android app will certainly give other popular lifestreaming apps a run for their money. The app looks beautiful on my Nexus One’s screen. It features a sleek-looking, clean homescreen which gives you four of the main features of the app:

  • Smart Feed – Comment, Like, and Retweet (Facebook and Twitter respectively) within one consolidated reading view.
  • Post Location – Show where you are on the map along with your status update. You can even draw on top of the Map image with our Doodle feature!
  • Doodle Your Facebook Friend – The successful Doodle feature introduced in iPhone/iPad Version 2 has been updated so you can challenge your Facebook friend to a Doodle-off online! And they don’t need a smartphone to respond!
  • Fun Suggestion – Don’t have anything to say? Count on a random funny saying or quote from our crowdsourced recommendation engine!

Overall, Hellotxt is not only a useful social dashboard application for Android but more importantly, it’s a fun app to use.  If you maintain more than one social networking account, you’d be better off using Hellotxt Android app to maintain all of them together in one app.