Brasil Quest is a quirky new Android Game from Monumenta Comunicação e Estratégias Sociais. The new Brazilian themed game puts you into the role of a lonely little alien and takes you on a quest through the lands of Brazil. The premise behind Brasil Quest involves a little alien named Yep that’s trying to get back home. Yep got sucked through a portal and wound up on earth, now he needs to find 12 orbs to get him back home and your job is to help the little guy out. It’s basically a runner where you’ll tap to jump and double tap to jump higher all while collecting orbs across the level. The orbs “seem” to be fuel or sorts, if you run low on them your jumps aren’t as powerful and if you run out of them you stop and have to start over. There are 12 different cities to explore on the map; each city has a brief summary and is represented by a dot on your travel map. There aren’t any options or extras that I saw; there is a souvenir box on the main screen, but mine’s empty so I have no idea on what kind of souvenir’s go in there.


Brasil Quest is a fun little running game that’s simple to play and easy on the eyes. The game seems to be made to show off a little bit of Brazil along with its 12 host-cities for the 2014 World Cup and it does a pretty good job at that. There are instructions that give you the gist of the game, but they could explain things a bit more like the souvenir box or the orbs/energy you need to collect. Overall, it seems to be a solid runner that’s good for a little bit of quick fun. You can pick up Brasil Quest on Google Play for free.  

Google Play Link – Brasil Quest

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