Help find Waldo in Gameloft’s Where’s Waldo Now?


Everyone knows Gameloft dropped Gangstar Rio: City of Saints last week, but they also popped out another Android game called Where’s Waldo Now? Almost everyone in the world knows who the red-striped Waldo is, and a hidden object game is a natural fit for the spectacle wearing traveler.

Where’s Waldo Now? is a big hidden object game that’s broken down into 7 different areas spanning space and time itself. You’ll start out in the Stone Age and work your way through the ages until you hit the future and outer space. Each area offers several different stages that vary between hidden object games and mini-games. The 2 mini-games I’ve played so far involve Odlaw and Woof, both characters make appearances throughout the hidden object levels as well.  Areas are unlocked with coins you collect from completing the levels; there are books hidden throughout the levels as well which make it harder to get everything right the first go through. Where’s Waldo Now also has a Quick Play mode if you don’t feel like tackling Adventure Mode. Quick Play drops you into various scenarios and timelines to collect different items, those levels are timed and let you earn Waldo coins as well.


I was surprised at how fun Where’s Waldo Now? is, and I only spent about an hour with the game. In that hour I did manage to get all 18 coins and all the books which cleared the first world; I also played a few levels in the second world. All that put me at 18% complete which means Where’s Waldo Now should keep you busy for quite a while. The quick play mode was nice as well and adds a little more depth to things. I’m a Waldo fan from back in the day so feel free to check back later in the week as I’ll be doing a full review of the game. Until then, if you want to try your luck finding Waldo you can pick up Where’s Waldo Now? for $0.99 cents on Google Play.

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