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If you haven’t heard of an atrocious bill called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) then you’ve really been out of the loop over the past few weeks. In a nutshell, the bill will basically alter the internet as you and I know it, destroy your favorite sites like Reddit, and well… it’s basically going to make the internet suck. Site owners can be shut down for users posting links to material that’s “co A lot of sites and people are pretty upset about the bill, and now there’s an Android App that can let you show your displeasure called Boycott SOPA from rozap. You know how everyone loves scanning barcodes nowadays? Well, The Boycott SOPA app take that technology and then lets you know which goods are made by companies that support SOPA so you’ll know not to support them.  They even have an update planned that will support multiple boycotts and a company contact feature in the very near future. The app itself does the imaging processing to decode the barcodes so you will have to download the free barcode scanner from Zxing or Google Googles to get it all going. Very easy, and definitely worth it if you’re concerned about SOPA like you should be.


While this app may help, it certainly won’t stop SOPA singly handedly and everyone needs to do their part. Whether it’s writing an article, writing your congressmen or voicing your opinion locally if you hate what SOPA is going to do, now’s the time to let your voice be heard. A lot of sites are going “Dark” on January 18th to let people see what the “New” Internet will look like if SOPA goes through. Big sites like Reddit, XDA and Tucows are going black, and even the popular Cheezburger sites are going dark. It’s no different for us here at Android-Apps and to show a little solidarity and will be going black on the 18th as well. If you’re as concerned about the bill as we are spread the word about this evil bill and download the Boycott SOPA app as well. If you want to know more about the bill watch the video below or hit up a few of the links; they explain it better than I ever could.     About SOPA and what you can do Wiki Page on SOPA

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