Here’s What We Know so Far About the Rumored Nokia 9

There have been numerous rumors this year about an upcoming Nokia 9 flagship, courtesy of HMD Global, the Finnish company responsible for the revival of the brand; we’re obviously talking about a high-end smartphone running on Android. Older readers may remember those days when Nokia used to be the big dog, the apex predator, top of the food-chain and all that. And if you’re a brand aficionado, the good news is that Nokia is getting back on the saddle again so to speak, as they’ve already released a few cool smartphones so far.

The rumor mill has it that Nokia will hit the world with two flagships this year. One of them is obviously the Nokia 8 Sirocco, a device revealed earlier at the MWC 2018 Convention, boasting an amazing design and high-end specs. The question is, what about the second Nokia flagship? Word on the “street” is that HMD Global is working frantically at it, and yes, its name is Nokia 9. Despite the fact we don’t have any credible leaks so far with regard to the sacred monster, it’s very probable that Nokia will go for a full-glass design for their flagship, just like Apple and Samsung are doing with their high-end droids. Unfortunately, metal seems to be considered a lower-grade built material nowadays by smartphone designers. Besides the full glass design, Nokia 9 is rumored to feature an unusual aspect ratio, as the days of the regular 16:9 format are long gone, at least for high end smartphones.

The display is claimed to be 5.7” wide, but if Nokia 9 will boast a bezel-less design, I bet it may be rolling with a 6+ inch display, just like other high-end droids currently on the market. Bigger is better and all that. There’s talk about an in-display fingerprint sensor and a Snapdragon 845 SoC inside, with up to 8 GB of RAM and a huge internal storage capacity starting at 128 GB. Theoretically speaking, since Nokia 9 is expected to hit the shelves next year, it may even arrive with a Snapdragon 855 inside, but then again, who knows? I guess that we will learn a lot more about this baby at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Until that day…

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