HeroCraft adds New Missions to Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android

It’s been a great week to be an Android gamer, and the week just got a little better as our friends at Herocraft in coordination with Paradox Interactive have just updated their game Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android. If you’re a fan of the Majesty series today’s your lucky day as HeroCraft has updated Majesty: The Northern Expansion with two brand new missions for your enjoyment. The Kingdom is always under siege and just because you’ve cleared out the Paladins and conquered the Northern Lands doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble brewing. This time around the trouble comes from Taxes and Over-population and you’ll have to don the crown once again to get your loyal subjects back in line. Think you can make that Dragon pay his back taxes and calm down the rowdy peasants? There’s only one way to find out…


Majesty is already a rock solid game, and HeroCraft has done a great job of expanding upon the world they created with add-ons and expansions. It’s also nice to see free updates these days, so Kudos to HeroCraft for keeping things simple and free. If you’re a fan of the Majesty series or are just looking for a great game you should definitely check out Majesty: The Northern Expansion for Android. If you’re new to the series I would recommend that you start with Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom and work your way through both games if you really want the full experience. If you don’t own it already you can try the lite version or pick up the full version of Majesty: The Northern Expansion for $3.00 on Google Play along with HeroCraft’s other great titles.

Majesty: The Northern Expansion


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