Herocraft Easter Sale – 3 Android Games for $0.99 cents each

Like a good sale? We do and our friends at Herocraft like throwing a good sale as they’ve just announced their Easter Sale on Android Games. You’ll get three top tier titles for just $0.99 cents, and if you’re curious to see what games are for sale just keep reading… Herocraft is offering up three of their most popular games with Farm Frenzy, The Enchanted Kingdom, and Majesty: The Northern Expansion. Almost everyone on the planet has played Farm Frenzy in one form or another, and it’s a great simple game for folks new to the world of Android. The Enchanted Kingdom puts you to work solving Match-3 style puzzles, again another simple game that would be good for folks new to Android gaming. Last but certainly not least, we have Majesty: Northern Expansion which is the followup to Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. If you enjoyed the first game and haven’t picked up the sequel now’s your chance to get it a discounted rate. If you’re in the mood to try something new or have just been looking for a sale, today might just be the day to pick up a few new titles. Before you say $0.99 cents… that’s how much most Android games cost as it is. You’ve got to keep in mind that not all game are created equal and a LOT of Android games cost well over a buck nowadays. Either way, Herocraft is offering up 3 solid titles for $0.99 cents each, and now’s the time to pick them up as the sale will only last 3 days from April 6th through the 9th. You can find the games on sale, and more from Herocraft at the link below.

HeroCraft on Google Play

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