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HeroCraft releases Dragon and Dracula for Android

by On

Dragons and Dracula is a new Android Game from our friends at HeroCraft, and honestly any game that involves Dragons and Vampires is enough to get my attention… Dragons and Dracula takes place in a fairytale world and you get to play the Dragon that’s out do defeat Dracula. You might be thinking… no match, dragons are huge and Vampires kind of hate fire. Well, your Dragon starts out as a baby which is no match for the Dracula, but with some help from a few artifacts you’ll get to watch your baby dragon get bigger right before your eyes. As you grow you’ll get new abilities and even a few adornments to deck your dragon out with. There are also coins to collect, mini-games to be played, bosses, and 25 fantasy themed levels to try and get through. If you dig achievements Dragons and Dracula has plenty of those as well with around 37 in all.


I haven’t gotten to spend much time with the Dragons and Dracula yet, but it appears to be a solid platform game that folks should enjoy. I enjoyed the perk system that gives you temporary abilities when you’ve gathered enough coins, and I also liked the fact that you can customize your dragon as well. There is no free version of the game available, but you can pick up the full version of Herocraft’s Dragon & Dracula for $0.99 on Google Play.

Dragons and Dracula