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Herocraft releases Majesty: The Northern Expansion

by On

Fans of Herocrafts popular game Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim are in for a treat with this week with the newly released Majesty: The Northern Expansion. The new expansion brings gamers all the things they loved about the first game, and then throws in a few hungry dragons for good measure. The newest version of the game gives players the chance to expand their horizons and continue their conquest into the snowy north.  You’ll need to defend your kingdom against all sorts of new monsters like giant stone golems and dragons just to name a few. Yup, the Dragons are going to becoming a pain and you’ll have to take them down through heroic deeds, bounties or poisoned animal or two. The graphics have been improved, and the game boasts some other impressive features as well like…

  • 10 types of heroes
  • New missions in a new location
  • 30 upgradable building types
  • Changeable weather
  • Skirmish mode
  • Brand new monsters
  • Dozens of spells

If you played the first version of the game, there is no doubt you’re going to love Majesty: The Northern Expansion. I was sold on the game when I read “Dragons” and the other features are nothing to sneeze at either. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a popular, highly rated game for a reason and the expansion has just made an awesome game a little more awesome. Herocraft did a great job with the expansion, and I look forward to spending some more time with it soon. You can pick up Majesty:  The Northern Expansion in the Android market for $2.99.