Herocraft releases Western themed Puzzler in Jail Run Puzzle for Android

What do dungeons, cowboys and treasure have in common? Absolutely nothing… unless you’re playing Jail Run Puzzle from Herocraft. The groups latest release has you strap on your spurs and hunt for treasure in some very puzzling levels.Jail Run Puzzle for Android Jail Run Puzzle is a puzzle game in the vein of Quell where you’ll try to move an object to the exit by through sliding it. The object in this case is a cowboy from the old west, but you’ll have to be careful where you slide him as the levels of Jail Run Puzzle are full of dangers. The levels start out easy enough, but before long you’ll have to set off barrels of dynamite and flip levers while attempting to avoid moving spikes and stationary cacti. You’ll also want to “try” to grab the stars you see on every level if you’re going to shoot for the perfect 3-star finish. I got to spend a little time with Jail Run Puzzle this morning and have to admit it’s a cool little sliding puzzler that’s pretty darned tricky. I’m on level 10 right now and there appears to be 21 levels in the first level pack with two more level packs to go. I’m only on the first level pack, but there appears to be around 60 levels in all. There are ads in the game (not during gameplay), but they can be removed through buying “steps” via the IAP setup. If you want to give it a go you can pick up Boolba Labs & Herocraft’s Jail Run Puzzle for free on Google Play.

Jail Run Puzzle

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