It’s been a while since the game makers at Hexage have released a game, but fans of their vibrant games can rest easy as they’ve just released Radiant Defense for Android. If you’ve enjoyed the company’s other games, you’ll definitely dig this one so prepare your eyes for the visual assault that is Radiant Defense. Radiant Defense drops you into a colorful world that’s been overrun by alien hordes. As is the case with most Alien hordes, they are out to destroy you so you’ll have to setup proper defenses to hold them off. This Tower Defense game lets you build your own route for the enemies to travel by using modules that can be placed and moved around the playing field.  On the weapons front you’ll get 9 upgradable weapons to destroy aliens with, and 3 superweapons of “mass defense”. You’ll also get a killer soundtrack from Kubatko and access to the online Hall of Fame to show off your skills to the rest of the world.


There are a slew of Tower Defense games out there, and Radiant Defense is a great addition to the genre. The gameplay is fast paced and there seem to be more than enough waves and weapons to keep you busy for awhile. As good as the gameplay is the graphics and overall atmostphere are the superstar of the game early on for me; the game really looks stunning and has been well worth the wait. I haven’t gone through the game with a fine tooth comb yet, but I’ve not noticed any in-app purchases or ads which is pretty awesome in itself. If you’re in the mood to do a little alien killing you can head on over to Google Play and pick up Hexage’s Radiant Defense for free.  

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