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Hit the Ground Running with the Nike+ Running App for Android

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Running is a great way to stay in shape, and if you’ve seen Zombieland you know how important Cardio is as a rule. If you like to run (and wear Nikes) the Nike+ Running Android app is really the only app for you as it can handle all your needs and help you meet your goals. Nike+ Running uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to keep track of your pace, time, and distance. It uses audio feedback to let you know those metrics at every mile so you can stay focused on finishing up and not have to worry about checking your stats. If you like to run to music, they’ve got you covered there as well with PowerSongs which can play your favorite track with the tap of a button. The Nike+ Running app actually has more features than you can shake a stick at including the ability to check your last run against your previous seven, visualizing your runs side-by-side, and syncing your run to the website which allows you to view your maps on a larger screen, set new goals, and find any Nike+ routes that are in your area. The coolest of the features in my book is the shoe tagging though as I’m a shoe guy. Shoe Tagging lets you track the distance your shoes are logging so you can see when it’s time to snag a new pair.


The Nike+ Running app is about as solid as they come, and there are plenty of great features to keep even the most hardcore of runners happy. There’s really not much else to say about this one, if you’re a runner you need to get this app as it has plenty of stat tracking along with the ability to make running fun. If you’re ready to lace em’ up and hit the ground running you can check out the Nike+ Running app for free on Google Play.