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Hit the Streets and Wreak some Havoc with Carmageddon for Android

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Carmageddon-Android If you were gaming in the late 90s chances are you’ve heard of Carmageddon as it made quite the splash when it was released for the PC in 1997. The folks at Stainless Games wanted to bring the retro racer to a new generation, and last night that happened as Carmageddon for Android was unleashed on the masses.carmageddon-1 If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s the skinny. Carmageddon is more of a demolition derby style game than a racer, as you’ll try to take out your opponents along with any pedestrians that happen to get in your way. There are plenty of power-ups to help you demolish your fellow racers, and there are also cops in armored patrol cars that can take you down if you’re not careful. If you’re destructive when you play GTA, you’ll be right at home in the retro world of Carmageddon. The original was actually censored in a few countries like the UK, and banned in a few more. It’s mild by today’s standards, but it was a sight to behold back in the day. By the numbers, Carmageddon offers up 28 dastardly opponents, 30 cars, 11 different environments, and a career mode with 36 levels.carmageddon-2 I was a fan of the OG version of Carmageddon, and while I haven’t had much time to spend with the mobile port yet, it looks to be true to the original game. This is one Kickstarter project that a lot of people are happy to see succeed. The early play store reviews are glowing, and if you enjoyed the original Carmageddon you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. There’s a promo version of the game you can try, and if you like what you see the full version will only set you back $1.99.