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Hit the Water with the Endless Swimmer Chasing Yello for Android

by On

A long time ago, in a fishbowl far away we covered an Android game called Saving Yello. Well it looks like Yello has made a comeback in Chasing Yello, and he still needs a bit of savin’… Yello is back and he’s “outside the bowl” again as his owner Mathilda has taken him to the local creek to play. Yello is on the loose and you’ll have to save him from all sorts of hazards like hungry piranhas and water blocking river logs. You’ll also have to keep an eye out for Mathilda’s net… she’s not the type to give up easy.  While the first game was a physics-flinger, Chasing Yello is an endless swimmer of sorts where you’ll tilt to move and swipe to jump or dive. There are plenty of power-ups to grab, stars to collect, and needless to say the game’s main hero is pretty darned cute. I had a blast playing Saving Yello and while Chasing Yello is a different beast all together, it’s a slick game that folks should enjoy. Kids should really dig the game, but there are some IAP’s thrown in there so keep an eye out for them or disable them altogether if it’s a concern. If you’re looking for a great game to entertain the kids during the hectic holiday season Chasing Yello is well worth a look and you can pick it up on Google Play for free. Chasing Yello Pocketgems Publishing